Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Without You

It’s the pain I feel,
A reliever, yet, I’m no believer,
A shove, a push, a punch,
In the face, or the back be it,
It doesn’t hurt, not as much,
As a scrape on the heart,
I feel bruised, in pain, hurt,
The winds knocked out of me,
I’m bleeding, the past haunting,
I feel I’m done, finished,
But still ready for more,
Waiting for another bout,
With you, no, with myself,
With life, with the truth, with ethics,
With rules, I’m fighting,
I’m going under, it’s suffocating,
The air’s refusing to come on,
Lungs shattered by emptiness,
Eyes blurred by tears,
Ears blown away by the silence,
It’s not me who’s weak,
It’s just my heart, so lost,
So alone, so lonely, in the darkness,
Without you.


  1. Love doesn’t count on the laughter that you shared but on the“pain and tears” you tried to get over with, just for the sake of holding on...Yes pain and Love two faces of the same coin... Great Lines !!!