Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Fight, 'Cause We Are The Same

We are two, of the same blood,
Neighbors, with a bond, brothers,
From the same mother-land,
Natives and relatives we share,
Yet we fight, we kill, we hate,
Each other, today, from the last 60,
From the day we took birth,
A reason, absent, truly invisible,
We share tastes, we share interests,
We share love too, deep hidden it is,
We don’t differ, in who we are,
In essence we are the same,
Brothers squabbling over a piece of cake,
Unnecessarily destroying each other,
Harming each other, wounding each other,
We can smile, together,
We can lead, together,
We can enjoy, together,
Our cells wish the same,
Though with those bitter memories,
The rebels throw us back, from handshakes,
Bullets fly, and innocent blood flows,
There’s a boundary, separating us,
But no wall to break, then why,
Why are we different, if we are the same,
In blood, in essence, related,
Brothers, carved from the same mother,
For the sake of, no reason at all,
We fight, just because we are the same.

Here is a video which you must watch- a great song with the perfect combination of meaningful and true lyrics, along with impeccable music.

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