Saturday, November 29, 2014

Speak Out!

There was a man during the elections who talked about using the broom. When he ran from his position in 49 days, there was some lost hope, but for a time being. With high hopes, there came the man who is now leading the nation at a high speed towards growth, from the inside and also on the global front. It is his aim to see a #SwachhBharat, and we, the people have to contribute towards that.

Physical cleaning of garbage is one matter, and as time passes, we shall learn to keep our surroundings clean, and green. With the presence of our prime minister, there has been a facilitation of ways to keep our nation clean, and in Mumbai, I can see a visible change in the models, ideals and ways of people. But is that all there is? Is that the only way we can clean our nation? Is there no other way to cleanse the dark patches of corruption and crime?

Yes, there is. Every small drop contributes to make an ocean. As the saying goes, we need to take small steps before making the big ones, and that can happen by just speaking out.

We see those instances of corruption, crime, and even petty law breaking like spitting on roads, jumping red lights. We have excuses for it all, and I am sure we have all done it too, but is it morally right?

Even if someone else commits a wrongdoing, we do not speak out, just to stay out of the matter; we don't interfere so that our lives don't take a turn and we can continue living without any hindrance- just because it doesn't affect us.

Isn't the nation ours? Aren't we the proud citizens of this nation? And is it not our right to speak out against this folly?

We see the vermin spreading, evil winning over, but we don't speak until it involves us on a personal level; and when it comes to us, we want everyone to speak for us. That is immoral and unethical.

We must speak out loud, just as Montu has spoken. We must raise our voice against the people who need to know their mistakes; we must address the right people; we must make the authorities hear our voices, the strong voices of we, the common man.

This is what Strepsils is doing in its #AbMontuBolega campaign. This campaign promotes people to raise their voice against the evil darkness in order to lead our nation to a clean India, a #SwachhBharat.

To read more about the campaign, you can visit the Strepsils website, and also visit their Facebook and Twitter pages. Kyunki bin bole nahi chalega, #AbMontuBolega.

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