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The 1st thing I did was save the blank word document in the name as it is now. Google translate, thank you for helping me out there. So the title basically in English is ‘Inter-stellar’. The movie is, as the title goes, and as usual too, out of the world. Performances and a story which takes it to the high it is at, the movie is literally out of the world, and is a must watch, on a disclaimer that you know the basics of physics- Newton’s Laws, the Theory of Relativity, the basic definitions of black holes, worm holes, time, space, and I guess I haven’t missed anything major. Just open your mind, and sharpen your brain, and be ready to think, dream, and experience the unexplored expanses of time, matter, galaxies, and uhm…the fifth dimension.

So, if this is a review, then what’s with the Hindi title and the translation? Poetry is tiring, and then there come those brainwaves, which just sweep you off your feet, suck away your breath, and make you feel light- just like floating, head down. This is one, I hope it is, and I hope that at the end of it, you feel that it was good too. It won’t can’t be as good as the actual, (I’m not Nolan), but, just a try.

This is all about the year 2020. 6 years, ‘cause that’s how much it takes for a Hollywood movie to be copied to Bollywood. Imagining Hollywood at that time is such a pleasure. Robert Downey Jr. has officially changed his name to Tony Stark; Christopher Nolan is making a movie about the particles involved in somescientificeffectwehaveneverheardoff; Leonardo DiCaprio gets nominated for the Oscars for every year from 2014 to 2020, but he still doesn’t have the honor of taking the Lady home; well, that list is so creative, and enjoyable.

Bollywood in 2020. Dhoom 6 is being made, and Uday Chopra is the main hero; Krish 21 is in production, well, they like skipping numbers in between; the 2 mentioned movies go on to earn 500 crores; Salman and Shahrukh have stopped their fight, and are down to just slapping each other in front of the media; Rohit Shetty is now a physics professor and writes books about how Newton and his laws were wrong; Bollywood is now officially known as Copywood, with all movies being copied from different languages. With the creativity right now, I guess this is inevitable.

Within all those copies, Antar-taarkiya is launched. The movie is set in a time when the world is ending, and there is next to no hope for the human race to survive. The hero has lost his wife, and whenever he remembers her, he gets tears in his eyes (unless his eyes are naturally like that), and in the background plays the old characteristic slow song, obviously sung by Arijit Singh.

All of a sudden, the hero meets his old idol, and thus happens the milan. Without any talks, the hero is given a mission, something which would save humanity and get it out from the void of extinction- collection of data to decide which city would be best to survive. (Yes, even when the world is going down, these cities can’t be destroyed, even by nature.)

As usual, the city suited for the job happens to be Mumbai. The climax involves the hero jumping through black holes and wormholes potholes to get to his destination and to get the job done. Well, relativity is too complex a factor to depict, and thus it is replaced by the usual coma, which, in this case, stops the hero’s age from increasing. There are those prayers, and hysterical crying, and the tears, which add to the drama. Now that would be something to watch.

There are sudden songs which are just added to provide employment to music directors and singers (at least RaGa could influence someone). The cliché- even in the barren city, there are the background dancers, who vanish to be never seen as soon as the song ends. Wow, that was so Nolan-ish.

Coming to think of it, Bollywood could literally do this, and well, the movie would earn around 400 crores depending on the star cast, and the level of promotions.

And, the most remembered dialogue of the movie, “Maut se darr nahi lagta, waqt se lagta hai.” (I’m not afraid of death, I’m afraid of time.)

I hope no Bollywood fanatic gets up and says that Nolan copied this from Dabbangg.

Halfway through, I sent this to a friend, and he was offended, so I dedicate the PS note to him, and all those like him, who become, as I usually say, bhavuk.

PS: This post is just for the purpose of entertainment. There are no spoilers, hopefully; and this is not basically a review, except for the first paragraph. It is just for entertainment, a try at humor, which practically does sum up Bollywood, and its stereotypes. A mention that no political sentiments were to be hurt too (just because of that RaGa mention).

PPS: This movie is a must watch, for anyone and everyone. Do NOT dare to skip it.

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