Sunday, March 15, 2015


Changes are a necessity for evolution; and endings are just the windows for new beginnings. Not writing a poem after long feels a tad weird, but writing about change and about taking a bold step to effect change in my own life is a topic which I can, to an extent, brag about. After setting up aims and achieving them as well, I now feel that the step I took that day was the one which changed my life.

More than two years after deciding to take the leap into the darkness of the future, I find myself at a point where the thought of that day feels justified. I have been writing for a long time, and that day in the middle of February, a couple of years ago, after incessant pushing from my mother and another friend, I progressed to making my blog. And that I say is the step which changed my life.

Some days before my blog turned two, I was browsing through the posts I had written at the beginning, and to be frank I was a bit disappointed. But then I realized how much my writing had morphed; the level to which it transformed and the amount I had learned.

Though in college, I was a school kid at the time, and managing a blog along with JEE was quite a task, but with the inspiration of learning more and more; and with an aim of getting published in my own space made me work harder with every word I wrote.

After being published in a couple of anthologies, and after realizing that the hobby I shall never leave is writing, I cherish the memory of that day. I had made this blog 5 years before I published my first post (in the fear of being criticized I guess), and the day I put up my first post on the blog, I didn’t share it to anyone in the same fear.

Two years hence, the fear is gone, and it has been replaced by the conviction to move forward, to learn from my mistakes and to better every minute fault in my writing. At 18, I must say that I have learnt a lot and that is all from blogging. Be it the comments or the reckless and rude editing by my friend who stopped blogging (yes, I have to be shameless here), Anil, I have progressed a lot.

And to be frank, I haven’t quite liked a lot of my own posts, from day one. Till date, I have the habit of reading an old post, and to start cussing on the amount of mistakes I have made. But then I refrain from editing it, just because it takes too much time.

With the aim of getting published one day holding firmly in the back of my mind, I must conclude by saying that the decision to start publishing my work on my blog was, is and will remain the biggest and best change I have brought about in my life.

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