Saturday, March 7, 2015


I look back at you,
I look back at me,
And I look back at us,
Stories so different, stories so weird,
Stories joining, stories mixing,
But stories never becoming one,
Sides of the same coin,
Parts of the same rock rolling,
Gathering no moss- moving,
I remember the day we met first,
And I knew what was gonna happen,
‘Cause we were both so wild, animals.

I used to smile, I used to smirk,
I used to laugh as the days passed,
So vivid myself in your grief,
Painted in the rivers of your tears,
Dancing in the music of your cries,
Till the day our paths crossed,
Till our destinies pushed each other,
Forward yet away from the other,
I remember the day that happened,
It fell from the sky, not what I’d seen,
‘Cause we were both so wild, animals.

I see you there, I see you here,
Not that I wish you were around,
Apology isn’t my desire,
Nor is a future so bright,
We did what we had to,
We reached the crossroads,
The point where we stand now,
Walked away we did momentarily,
Turned faces with tears unseen,
Smiles mingling delicately with them,
We soon returned, to now,
I remember the times it’s happened,
We haven’t ceased to be so wild,
It’s just in our nature,
‘Cause we’re just so wild, animals.