Monday, March 16, 2015


There come times in life when there seems to be no way out. The darkness is all there is around and not a single bead of light leads into the future, showcasing a pathway, or showing a road into approaching times. That is the moment when you need an insight, you pray for a way to materialize out of thin air; or for an angel to just pop out to take you across; that is the moment you need hope, you need a push to complete the leap of faith across the crevice.

There have been times of turmoil for me too, but there is one person I shall look up to forever. The person in my life who has been gifted with wings instead of legs, his gab so strong that it compensates for a disfigured voice, and a will which stands strong against all obstacles- my uncle.

Being bound in a wheelchair is not an easy task, but my uncle doesn’t have an option. Well past 40, he is a distinguished figure in Malayalam cinema, a critic, with writing as one of his most treasured hobbies. Hobby? Yeah, he works full time at a firm as well, and in the remaining time, he writes reviews and along with that he manages to find time to follow sports and to read as well.

From his childhood, he has worked hard along with the incessant support of his family to reach this pinnacle of success. Reaching such a high station with cerebral palsy pulling him back into the shadows, my uncle has set an example for me which I cannot forget. Be it a thought misplaced, or an idea not working out, or an assignment too boring to copy, the hope and the will to go on is supplied to me by him.

We feel laid back, and we stop at the tiniest of injuries in life, but he raced through the path of life with his set of problems held in a bag so tiny that it would go unseen if they weren’t visible physically. With a mind so sharp, he single handedly earns for the house and come whatever may he never walks away, oh excuse me, glides away on his wheelchair, from a challenge.

This is a story I have in my family, a person who lends hope and optimism in quantities we would never have in our whole life. Having him at my side has been a great help, and I must say that he has been the one to show me around the world of literature. As a blogger, I have obtained a lot of inspiration from him to keep going on, during writers blocks, and bad blog times. And to be honest, there was a time when I wrote more just to get past his number of blog posts.

Well, he is one person I look up to, and his story gives me a lot of hope and inspiration to head into the future with all my guns blazing.

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