Thursday, March 5, 2015

We Will Rise

Your face sparkling in thought,
Illuminated finely on the edges,
Your aura pulling me closer,
Your persona pushing me down,
Your sweet voice chirping to me,
And I just sit there with a smile,
A smile which shatters the bubble of imagination,
Wishes keep morphing but dreams never change,
You’re the latter, for me, a goddess in human form,
A princess surreal, decked in gold,
Your appearance a magnet strong,
Yet your presence making me weak,
Your sight an incentive for a day to change,
The past lining the cloud unclear,
You’re hazy in memory too,
I didn’t care enough to remember you,
It had all seemed to perfect to change.

I long for your now, so deep into the future,
Away we are in distance but not in thought,
We reign together on the other’s heart,
While knowing what the mind has to say,
Though we meet our eyes don’t do the same,
Though we meet our hands don’t do the same,
The heart still locks, i guess it never unlatched,
The smile still shines, gleaming on your face,
Sparking the light of hope in me, a lantern on a road so dark,
I wish one day, our hands clasped we say,
We will rise from the ashes into the sky.


  1. I can always relate to your words and lines.You compose beautiful lines.

    1. Thank you Ma'am :)
      Glad you liked it :D