Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bring On The Madness

There is the red, there is the fear,
There is sorrow, but not a single tear,
There is confusion, yet there is peace,
Serene the sky, serene the sea choppy,
There is the darkness, in the blinding light,
There is a road ahead unseen, it’s a maze,
There is a puzzle, but there isn’t an answer,
It’s falling apart, the mind, the soul,
It’s a disaster, but there isn’t any wreckage,
I’m standing still, ready for combat,
A fight to the finish, I’m rock hard,
The darkness is getting to me,
The silence is eating through me,
Head held high, all I scream is,
Bring on the madness.


  1. Nice lines. :)
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  2. lovely lines ;) especially the last two...
    Cheers, Archana

    1. Glad you liked it Ma'am :)
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