Thursday, March 19, 2015

Soul Sister

There always come those moments when we see no way forward; everything seems dark and empty, and every step seems to take you deeper into the marsh of emptiness. Those are the moments when we need a push, a burst of hope and optimism, an injection of energy to give a thrust to the next round. That is also the time when even if there are people around, there is a feeling of loneliness residing inside the heart. That is when you wish to just lay back and allow your problems to evaporate, just like that.

Family is the last hand which holds you up in life.

There had come a time similar to the one described above- writer’s block, laziness and not even hunger. I was blank for around a week until the knock came on the door.

Before I go on, let me introduce you to the approaching disaster. My younger sister, who is utterly useless (but she proves otherwise at all times), mean and rude (yes, that she is) and also a jealous blogger who can’t see her brother being away for long. She’s not exactly like that, but it doesn’t sound good to appreciate her that much (big bad brother I am).

I trudged to the door expecting it to be my mother, but when the doorbell began playing repeatedly; I knew it was the tornado I dreaded. As soon as I opened the door, she walked in, her eyes and her words throwing fire all around.

“You lazy ass, what were you doing for so much time? I have been calling you since so many days, and you don’t care enough to reply to your sister? It takes me so much of effort to walk down the road to meet you and here you are, cowering behind the door. And now, where are your manners? Aunty, Karan’s not even offering me water,” she began.

As soon as she called out to mom, a smirk lined my face and my eyes took on a tinge of the devil.

“She’s not home kid. And if you want water, you get it; and get me some too.”

I rushed to grab a pillow as she picked up her bag to hit hard on my head. Our scuffle lasted for a couple of minutes, and panting, we sat down on the floor, right next to the refrigerator. (Co-incidentally, my sister and I both love food, and I am surely superior when it comes to culinary skills.)

“So tell me what happened to you. You’ve been missing from a week; you don’t reply to messages; you don’t answer calls; and you don’t come to meet me too. You’re such a mean brother, you know.”

“I’m fine now kid. That scuffle got me high enough to last a year or so.”

“You don’t know how to lie bhai…”

“I don’t lie to you kid, and I’m way better than I was. I don’t know what the problem was, and I don’t care now.”

Punching me slowly on the head, she said, “Must have been a problem with one of your numerous girl friends, hmph.”

“I should throw you out of the house for asking that, ‘cause you know that the only girl I talk to is you.”

“Don’t try to flatter me; I won’t be affected by it. I want you to make me something, right now. Get to work right now.”

As proceedings go, I always have to listen to my kid sister, and she always manages to find a way to make me listen to her, or maybe I allow her to dictate terms (let’s just keep that a secret). The fight sparked something in me which made me fight against all the problems, and it made me go charging into the future with new hope and optimism.

It’s a long time,
Since we met each other,
But there’s only one thought now,
That you’re my soul sister,
Always talking now,
We are a weird pair,
How much ever we annoy each other,
Forever will we have to bear,
Quite sweet, quite cute,
Leave that aside, and you are a brute,
Prodigy you are,
Quite a born writer,
You stand up to my petty bullying,
You are a strong fighter,
Insane you are,
And a bit crazy too,
Nothing more said,
I really love you.

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