Sunday, March 29, 2015


With the 7th movie of the Fast and Furious series rolling in next week, I was looking around the internet to get some juicy offers which would enhance my movie experience while at the same time not making my pocket too light. BookMyShow being the sole choice for booking tickets, I now needed something to take it to a new level with some creative and extravagant offers.

I soon came across 27coupons, which is a very interactive and exciting place to obtain offers on your purchases on various sites, including BookMyShow. 27coupons is the leading coupons distribution platform in India and has more than 1000 stores in its database. The site allows you to search through the available options for the offer suiting you the most.

27coupons has its offers arrayed on the success rate, and that is a key indicator for the best offer to go for. Each offer has its specifications displayed, and a single click takes you to the offer page on the site which then allows you to enjoy your transaction. And this is all in addition to the offers provided by the original site- just fun!

The offers range from getting your cash back, to getting free tickets and to hefty discounts on your transactions. There are also offers which allow you to accumulate points and then spend them all at once. You can save offers for your future shopping as well, and this advantage is one which isn’t provided at any other place.

Being an avid movie watcher, this experience with 27coupons is going to be the start of a very healthy and long standing relationship which shall obviously traverse into other sectors and e-commerce initiatives in the sectors of clothing, travelling and even food.

After accomplishing my objective with BookMyShow, the foodie in me led me over to the FoodPanda section of the site, and I almost fainted seeing the succulent offers which would make my eating experience very satisfactory in terms of monetary benefits.

The FoodPanda segment of 27coupons allows you to save quite a lot on a single order, with the attractive cash discounts and also cash back offers. The offers are at times specifically for certain eateries or have to be availed through the mobile application of FoodPanda. Most of the cash back offers involve Paytm which is forwarding itself at a fast pace.

Going through these two portions of the website made me realize that the e-commerce market is extremely huge and it tries to cater to every individual consumer visiting the market. 27coupons is a very well maintained and extremely alluring website for a regular online shopper (in any sector) considering the magnanimous database of over a 1000 dealers. The exclusive offers on the site are updated to suit your needs and they make sure that the customer gets what he desires.

Suited to provide optimum benefits to the consumer, sites like 27coupons are emerging very fast and adapting into the Indian e-commerce market. The site just requires a basic sign up after which all the offers can be accessed very easily.

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