Sunday, March 15, 2015

Broken Images

The tears of this darkness so deep,
Tiny pieces of the soul trickling down,
Not emotions unseen but memories,
Not the feelings hidden but memories,
Parts of the past flooding back instantly,
The mind warping with time,
The vision blurred by the shadows,
I look around in the silence I feel,
I’ve been consumed, engulfed whole,
The pieces are all there exists of me,
Words torn from the parchment of my life,
Not undone just different from the truth,
I walk the path; I walk down the track,
The light boring down on me chugging,
Till I fall into the abyss unknown,
I don’t feel the pain; I don’t see your tears,
I don’t see the magnitude of my mistake,
I don’t see you waiting for me,
I don’t see the void I left in you,
Smiling I remain in heart and mind,
Just as I float past you,
My hand outstretched to clutch yours,
Just as you bend in the pain,
I left you weak so vulnerable,
You just stood there as I watched invisible,
I had just gone away with the wind.

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