Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pursuit Of Happiness

The last week has been hazy, with exams approaching, the Clasico fever burning right through my head, the World Cup in its final stages, and with words flowing after a drought of posts as though the dam just collapsed all of a sudden! In the past week, I’ve written about optimism and hope, about family, about food, and the list goes on and on; and to sum it up, I’m happy. Not happy, that’s just a highly downscaled impression of what I’m feeling right now, so I’m going to use words like elated and exultant and blissful (I went on a bit too much).

We all know that family is one of the most important aspects which builds happiness in a person’s life, and it does in mine too (on the lines of optimism and hope). A personal favorite of mine is food, which you will know if you know me enough, and I must say that now I’m quite bored of writing about food. (I just can’t handle the hunger which goes into the post.) Being a fitness fanatic, I’m a huge fan of sports, especially cricket and football, which are quite the trend these days. Being a fan of both playing and watching, sport makes up quite an integral part of my daily timetable and also of my happiness.

It’s said that a blog is quite the epitome of the author, and his words echo his thoughts. It’s quite true when it comes to me (blogging is the most helpful stress buster), and I had a phase in between when songs were all that I wrote about. Free verse poetry based on my interpretations of the songs, and I did get some comments about that too. To be honest, music is another personal favorite, and if you visit me, be prepared to have your ears blown off ‘cause music is what makes me think, move, and run.

There are those songs, those moments which take us back, and push us into the maze of exhilaration, of acceleration, by bringing a grin on the face. But is that all? People and things? Are these the only ways to bring a rainbow of cheerfulness into life?

Not really. Not at all.

There is one last bit in my life, which has slowly set in and has got itself a niche in the corner of my heart, and that piece is what usually clicks; allowing me to get lost in the labyrinth of delight. Writing and my blog- the sure shot which works to raise my mood to heights nothing has ever done. Being together for over two years has been quite a task, but we have managed to live by very peacefully, and I must say that I am extremely elated to have it in my life.

This is the list of things which make me happy. To add a dose of cheer to your life, click here (

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