Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Does God Exist- A Speech

A very good morning to one and all present here. Before I introduce you to my topic, let me just deviate a bit to ask you all something: how many of you went to a temple to pray in the morning? If not a temple, you at least prayed a bit, to the lord, or to the deity you consider holy and sacred, didn’t you? Considering the jitters going down my back, I’m sure you did.

Does that prayer, or the visit ensure that your speech goes without a single glitch? Matter of fact, I prayed as well, and to be frank, I’ve skipped a couple of lines already. So is my deity weaker than yours? Or am I not important to God? Wait a second, is someone really up there listening to all we say?

This controversial and highly opinionated topic is what I am here to speak about: Does God exist?

There is Jesus in Christianity, Buddha for the Buddhists, Prophet Mohammed for the Muslims, and then after all of them stands an army of Gods; yes, I speak as a Hindu.

This topic is so controversial that it has been made into various movies; has been discussed at length in television debates, and has also occupied the first page of our newspapers.

It is said that we are God’s children, and he is the reason behind us walking the earth as superior beings. Let me ask you something, which parent wants his or her child to suffer? Which parent wants their child to roast in the heat without shelter, without food and water? Without a smile? None, that is all I can say.

When we look around our surroundings, all we can see is the pollution and the poverty and the crime. There is such a high magnitude of suffering and anguish in the lives of some people, while there are others who are laden with luxuries. Why the discrimination? Parents don’t discriminate between their kids, do they? All they want for their children is the best, and if that holds true, then why is our world in such a bad state?

Moving on, let me narrate to you an incident which happened with me and my friends some months prior on a trip to Haridwar. The name of the city means God’s gate, and it is aptly named because of the innumerable temples lining the Ganges, which passes right through the city.

In this holy city, overflowing with sacredness, and gods, and their idols, and also god men, we were literally cheated to a combined sum of around rupees 1000. Thankfully, we managed to escape with our pockets only considerably lighter, but I swear that if we had done exactly what the god men said, we would have ended up coming home stark naked with all our stuff donated in some or the other God’s name. Pundits, not really. For me, the city    changed from a devotional hub to a deception hub within minutes, seeing the fake artists’ smooth ways, and the blind devotees. Would god allow a tumor like this one to grow to such an extent? To allow such vermin to loot the world so openly? No he wouldn’t.

So am I just being an atheist? Is there not even a single dot of evidence to support the claim that God does exist in this world? Talking on personal experiences, I must say that He is the ray of hope, a shining ball in the distance, procuring us the strength and the will to go on. He may be a figment of our imagination, but he stands firm, come whatever may. His face is covered with a design made by our mind, just for us to see and remember in times of doubt. A creator, a leader, a supporter- He is there.

I have at times come up against walls, and they have suddenly broken down to pave the paths into the future, and that is evidence enough for me to conclude that there is someone, a force, which leads and controls, and helps. He may not be exactly the person he is portrayed to be, and he surely doesn’t have so many faces, but he is there.

I would like to conclude with a small bit of poetry.

Even though I don’t believe in him,
I feel he’s there somewhere,
Waiting for me, protecting me,
Wishing well for me,
Doing all the good in my life,
And that makes me feel happy,
I don’t blame him for the wrong,
‘Cause those were my deeds,
The times I did not listen to him,
But he made me learn,
Just for me to not make those mistakes again.

Thank you.


  1. Superb, Superb, Superb.....Great write up. You made me a fan of your writing with this post. All the best.