Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Weird Race

It’s weird, the world,
Strange, and seared,
In a color, too many,
Vivid hues, contrasting,
Coming together, as one,
Unique, different, a race,
Not of life, or success,
But of unity, on this ball,
Our planet, brown,
And blue, and green.

We are different,
From each other,
Quite a bit, a lot,
We fight, we talk,
We eat, we sleep,
Though as one,
Weird we still are,
Here’s some proof,
Here I go, poof.

We have a half girlfriend,
Every hero survives,
And wins at the movies’ end,
We honk on the straight road,
But never at the bend,
We defend, we offend,
That’s what we tend,
To do, always, no change,
We give, but sometimes lend,
But that does depend,
If it’s a friend, close, or enemy,
We try to mend, everything,
Possible, if not impossible,
And plausible too, damn that’s applausible,
That’s not a word,
So this is the end, for now,
‘Cause I’m tiring, but,
I’m still firing, and there’s always more to come.

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