Monday, September 8, 2014


I walk the path, alone,
Through river, and through stone,
I wish I could drone, on, but I can’t,
Damn, that’s so criticism prone.

A new day, a new life,
A new year, a new month,
Change, metamorphosis,
From pupa to chrysalis,
There’s transform-ation,
Transfiguration, alteration,
But no altercation,
Let’s take action, no enact-ion,
So we don’t face traction, or friction,
Well this is fiction, and I got,
An addiction, to rhymes,
But no diction-ary for words,
So this is all I can do.

Words repeated, repetition,
Can’t be avoided in this rendition,
This isn’t a replay, or relay, redo,
No I won’t, Rebirth done before,
Now time to regroup,
But not renew, the rhyme,
The words flowing, reappearing,
From the past, as I’m trying,
And retrying, to rhyme,
And I’m failing, don’t rebuff, me,
For experimenting, research,
To just restore, the meaning,
The strength, don’t relegate, me,
For this, creation, done for recreation,
No reentry, into this space, my space,
Only mine, to do, some rejuvenation,
No reminiscence, or remorse,
Don’t retort, soon I’ll change,
I’ll be back, to do, some recovery.