Saturday, September 6, 2014

Delicacy Of Moments

It’s a big day, tomorrow,
Special, different, unique,
Rare, precious, the chocolate,
Waiting, to appear, to disappear,
The books, threatening,
To destroy, to eat, to disintegrate,
The brown pie, making me integrate,
Pi, the hardness, and softness, wet,
Yet, ready, to squash, not orange,
But salt-y, eww, not dirty,
Boring, but necessary, today,
Not really, phew, tiring,
Scary, it’s eerie, leery, ignored,
When there’s something to eat,
Fiery, now don’t get teary, ‘cause,
I rhymed, in between, sudden,
Unexpected, not unseen, I’ll stop,
This is losing its sheen.

Come tomorrow, the fear,
Relegated, eliminated, decimated,
Only to return, larger, come,
The day, next, cared by none?
Me, no, you, I don’t damn know,
‘Cause it’s unlike, for us, yes,
I’ll be smiling, and laughing,
And eating, and enjoying,
Not tanning, though its Sunday,
Horrible, the joke, not the mood,
That’s good, and there’s food,
A lot, come on dude,
Don’t be rude, and don’t,
Give lewd, comments, to me,
Or gestures, to spoil, the day,
Yours, I don’t care, mine, no,
Flashes, you might, not whole,
The fun, unspoiled, to reminisce,
Later, months, days, years,
All ‘cause it’s not the days,
It’s the moments, which we remember.


  1. Moments we all live for such moments. nice read.

    1. Thank you Ma'am...glad you liked it..! :D