Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Lost World

There’s a throbbing,
In my stomach, I feel,
Low, not mellow, but,
Just like, I’ve gone, below,
The belt, of life, the surface,
Of ice, is choking, I’m reeking,
But I’m holding, steady,
A try, to survive, to pass,
This pass, a crossing, high,
Above, the world, true,
Meanings, undiscovered,
Truths uncovered, true,
Friends, unreal, unleashed,
To say, a lie, not today,
I’m down, but not gone,
I’m retching, this verse,
A burst, of feel, of thought,
Random, a musing, it’s not,
Amusing, its complex,
Of flex, a hex, weird, strange,
I feel, tired, oriented, disoriented,
Lost, not found, I am,
A ghost, a spirit, heading strong,
The future, unseen,
Unknown, missing, unreal,
It feels, so cool, uncool,
A word untold, a story, I feel,
Like a bird lost in his own cage.

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