Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jo Re Baka

I’m waiting, excited,
A day more, left to go,
To kill, to pass, build up,
Energy, amass, bring together,
Strength, the legs, reinforced,
Supported, strong, for the day,
To come, tomorrow, a new,
Tagline, copied, not built,
Jo baka, aapdi Navratri aavi.

The sticks, ready, to roll,
The groups, formations,
Positions, steps, undecided,
Done from heart, true,
The tunes, hummed, a week,
Ago, not weak, I am not,
To withstand, the toll,
But are you, I ask, a question,
To answer, with yes, ‘cause,
Jo baka, aivi che aapdi Navratri.

That’s all, on this, enough,
Said, not done, a lot, to go,
To come, to process, to digress,
I’m joking, I’m done, kidding,
Myself, and you, rather boring,
This is, Baka, I hope, you k(no)w,
Understand, this piece, a try,
Samjhi gayo Baka, to learn,
To innovate, not create, Baka,
Dull now, I’ll just end here,
Jo Baka, hun thaki gayo chu have.