Sunday, September 28, 2014

Actions And Words

Resistance, impedance,
To stop, you, the world,
Poses, a threat, to ideas,
And ideals, not idols, idle,
The mind, running astray,
No ashtray, the smoke, rising,
Dark, from the surface, the end,
Near, risky, let’s fear, today,
Catastrophe loading,
Disaster approaching,
Bleak, the day next, tomorrow,
We say, a prayer too many,
To work as one, contrasting,
Not combining, we wish,
A lot, different stuff, a range,
We hold, not fall, or fail, stand,
Not move, ahead, in thought,
The quagmire, the swamp,
The glue, the gum, handcuffs,
Apparently, no bar though,
On bars, or cars, jars,
Filled with dreams, we say,
We talk, of betterment,
Development, meant, not done,
Actions should speak,
More louder than words.