Friday, September 12, 2014

You For Me

Its happening, not really,
No, not at all,
I’m stuck, I’m held,
At the crossroad,
And the signal’s turned red,
Stopping me, I don’t know,
What, to do, should I,
Wait, or go, move, an inch,
A bit, a little, towards you,
Or away, walk, run, sprint,
Or just stand, still, as is time,
At a standstill, stationary,
Each second an hour, transformed,
Expanded, exponential,
Increased, to be torturous,
Terrible, horrendous,
As I’m there, for you,
Holding, slowly, biding,
Time, unable to point,
Decide, the path, to tread,
To walk, to choose,
An option, too many,
But only you for me.