Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You Two

Important, you are, to me,
You two, too much, a lot,
A knot, binds, and holds,
Together, keeps is near,
I live in fear, oh dear, of,
You two, now, before, forever,
But never, will I get, someone,
Similar, I know, so unique,
You two, so special, so weird,
So different, you stand, apart,
From the world, so cold,
But bold, you two, and strong,
To say, the heart out, not afraid,
To have a bout, with me, ever,
Clever, you two, and close,
To me, near, by heart, and clear,
Understanding, no misunderstanding,
Really, I’m joking, we fight,
Still, we’ve fought, we will,
Continue, this trend, sorry,
I will, you two, matter, to me,
To talk, to think, to share,
To speak, my brain out, you know,
Me, from head, to toe, not a foe,
I dread, ‘cept you two, I know,
Better, than offend, rather die,
Than face, torture, the horror,
Too much, yes, I’m scared,
I say, I know, the truth, that is,
And I say, to you two, for once,
So vital, you are, for me, in life,
And I love, you two, too much,
I swear, to God, you two,
Are angels sent to me by him.

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