Thursday, September 4, 2014

All For Granted

A way, a path,
A direction, to move,
To find, a reason,
An answer, a motive,
A knife thrown, literally,
Piercing, sharp, falling,
Red rising, felt, not seen,
Embedded deep- a wound,
Unseen, a scar, a memory,
For life, a matter, important,
But minute, not time, but tiny,
A speck, a dot, a grain falling,
Healing, no, but bleeding,
The eyes, not blinking,
The face, not flinching,
The brows, not wrinkling,
The cut not found, the sight,
Still seeking, forgotten, no,
Forgiven, never, the words spoken,
The edge, verbal, sharp, cutting,
The chance, soon coming,
A reply, the answer, the motive,
Addressed, known, but not told,
As was I, misled, the day I took,
The hand, and it took mine,
And me, all for granted.


  1. Thats the thing I love about poetry.. you can so say much and yet say nothing at all. That was just bang on Karan :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you...glad you liked it..!!
      Keep visiting..!!

  3. I love your poems. they always are from the heart and I can always relate to them.