Sunday, September 21, 2014


I want peace, not piece,
Some time sometimes,
To think over, over think not,
‘Cause it’s all diffused,
And I’m confused,
I don’t know what I should think.

Digressing, remembering,
Reminiscing, time, moments,
Nostalgia, hitting hard,
The past, returning,
The future, approaching,
The present crawling ahead,
Clawing ahead, slow,
A turtle faster, even a sloth,
Than now, but its better,
Than the best, permission,
To live, the moment, to satisfy,
To satiate, the heart, the wishes,
And smile, but unlike ever before.

It’s all happening, together,
Right now, good, or bad,
And I don’t know how,
To accept, to enjoy,
The fact, of life, stay happy,
Is all I know, other than,
The wish, I hope for, that,
I don’t want this to end.