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The Mystery Of The Ghost Writer And The Wheat- Part 10

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The hysterical whimper cracked through the silence and Tara rose from the confines of her soft night abode. Beside her, Shekhar lay snoring, unaffected by the shrill crying of the alarm clock. She looked intently, as her eyes welled up with tears, an aftermath of the past week’s events. It had been pandemonium; a complete catastrophe, something which had taken her life on the edge, and there was no leeway as well. She couldn’t go through this, she would win, or she would die; and she knew this, very well. She was completely entwined in this mystery, and it had taken her life to the extremes- both good and bad.

Today was going to be important; as she would ask for the truth, not a word less or more. As she glanced at the date in the luminous display of the clock beside her, her face lit up in a weak, watery smile, as her eyes began spewing out droplets, slowly, and a trickle soon began down her cheeks. Shifting her pillow into a more comfortable position, she cuddled into a cocoon and held her head in her palms, and the week came back to her.

As the wheels hit the tarmac, Tara was the first one to get across to the door, waiting for the bus which would bring Cyrus out. Cyrus’ message had first puzzled her, but the more she thought about it, the more she felt intrigued about it. She had decided to book the first flight out for him, and now there she was, impatient to hear what he said.

Cyrus had gone on to show her some astonishing pieces of evidence, which she did not believe were genuine at first instance, but when he went into the details, her heart slowed down, and she slumped into a heap. She could not believe what she was seeing, hearing, and getting to know. It couldn’t be him, no.

“It can’t be true Cyrus. He’s always at home, and he’s working or writing; he doesn’t even switch on the television. No, it just doesn’t add up.”

“I’m sure about it, or else I wouldn’t have called you with this. It’s classified, and I’ve obtained it from a high-ranked official under shady circumstances, so…”

“I won’t use it in the news, but still thanks. I think I should head back now, it’s getting late,” saying this, Tara got up from the table.

Without a single look backwards, she walked away, heading back towards home.

That had just been the first turn of the week. As the days passed, the more she was sure that Cyrus’ information was true. She couldn’t believe it, but now, it was high time. She couldn’t stall any more about the information at the news station, and the police would be getting there soon too.

With a sigh, she got up, and slowly walked to Roohi’s bedroom. As she opened the door, the sight of the empty bed made her heart drop. She turned and ran back to where Shekhar lay, supine, in his own delirious dream. As she returned into their room, the door slammed shut behind her, and she felt something cold on her neck.

She turned to face the wrong end of a gun, into the dark void of the barrel, and as her eyes moved upwards, they began flowing.

“How could you?”

“She’s in a better place than here.”

“How could you lie to me,” she asked again, her voice echoing in the small room.

“I haven’t lied. They are all trying to frame me, it’s not true,” Shekhar said, his voice steady.

Wiping sweat from his brow, he went on, “I promise I haven’t lied to you.”

“But why Shekhar?”

Her questions were drowned by approaching sirens, and Shekhar looked around, stunned. Wiping sweat from his brow, he dropped the gun, and walked towards the window.

Turning back, he said to Tara, “This isn’t how I would have wanted this day to be. I’m innocent, and I shall prove it to you. I love you, and I shall come for you again, one day.”

His eyes set, he kissed his wife, and with a tight hug, he walked out, slowly running into the distance.

The next morning’s headlines were, “Renowned writer and his daughter missing. The wheat trail flours on.”

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