Saturday, September 13, 2014

From My Heart

The words hiding, coy,
Not scared, anxious,
Still nervous, I am,
Aware, unaware,
But wary, of you, important,
You are, to me, today,
A day, tomorrow, reigning,
A conqueror, you are,
Stealing me, away, not,
Too far you are,
Still so close, separated,
A wall lurking, weak,
Short, small, not minute,
As the clock ticks, forward,
Stomach tightening,
A knot forming, churning,
The heart beating, not,
But racing, sprinting,
Running, and lurching,
Jumping, uncertain,
But not hiding, behind,
A curtain, as you appear,
Not disappear, the smile,
Melting, the heart, me,
Sweating, the words,
Coming, slow, tense,
Unhurried, truly hesitant,
Coherent, I don’t know,
But just a story,
From my heart.

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