Saturday, December 14, 2013

Murder Games- Part 8

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“Tring tring…”

Shanaya’s mobile phone rang incessantly as she continued her interrogation of the old maid. Excusing herself, she walked out of the room, and picking up the phone, she heard her Boss say.

“Hey darling, can’t you pick your lover’s phone faster? What if I will be in danger someday and when I’ll call you, you’ll pick up the call very late?”

“Aww, sorry sir. Was talking with the maid.”

“Its fine sweetheart, but next time, don’t make this fan of yours wait, okay?”

 “Of course sir, the feelings aren’t one-sided anyways, so I will make sure I pick up the first time.”

“So, I found a treasure trove here, so you ask the guard and the maid if the postman is saying the truth. Also have Patil interrogate the grocer, the milkman and whoever is sitting in that queue outside the room. I’ll want the transcripts and audios of each conversation by tomorrow morning, so work on that as well.”

“Okay sir.”

“I’m going home as soon as this site on the grounds is secured; I need to hit the gym and chill out a bit. You head home after debriefing the maid.”

“Take care Sir.”

“You too.”

As soon as Ashish cut the call, the phone started ringing again. It was Shinde, the officer he had sent to escort Lady Unnikrishnan home.

“Wait just a minute Shinde, I’ll call you back,” Ashish said into the phone as Tambe signaled to him for a minute.

“Sir, the weapon has been identified. It’s a knife, but not a common one. It’s a gardening knife.”

“Are you sure Tambe?”


“Perfect. Now take these clothes and find some evidence so that I can shut the case and arrest the gardener.”

“I’ll try sir.”

“I want your findings on my desk tomorrow morning when I come in.”

Dialing Shinde’s number, he apologized and asked him what had happened.

“Ashish Sir, there is a thing which is racking my mind. When I asked the Lady to let me in for a normal check if things are fine, she refused straight on my face. I managed to peep in though, and I saw some trophies on display and in the shed, there was a lot of mountain climbing equipment as well.”

“Now that’s some good stuff. Click me some pictures, and get them in tomorrow. Get a background sketch ready as well by 3 pm tomorrow.”

“Okay Sir.”

“Good work Shinde. After the pictures are taken, go on to the gardener’s place and check that out as well. Lastly, get me backgrounds on all the suspects. Take the list from Shanaya and get that done as well.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

Keeping the phone down, Ashish murmured to himself as he walked to his car, “Now mountain climbing sounds interesting. This case isn’t as straight as it looks then, but the gardener is sure to have a part in this.”

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