Sunday, December 15, 2013

Murder Games- Part 9

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The next morning sun rose with a new gleam and looked Ashish in the eye as he ran down the hill in sweatpants and a football jersey. Running his first round of his daily jogging and exercise schedule, he loosened the muscles from his sleepy body and trotted into the morning sun. Though his body was still a bit immersed in the clutches of sleep, his brain was completely active and running through all of the clues and leads obtained from the first day of the investigation.

A vibration on his mobile phone brought him away from his thoughts, and he glanced at the screen. It was from Shanaya to inform him that the transcripts were ready, and that the lawyer’s appointment had also been fixed in 2 hours. Unmoved, the Detective kept running.

An hour later, the Detective pulled into the drive way of the Police HQ, and went to his desk. Shuffling through the sheaf of papers, he started reading the transcripts. On the other side was the official report which ascertained that the weapon was indeed a gardening knife. The report also talked about the absence of any fingerprints on the clothes which had been found just outside the compound wall.

As he kept the report down, a knock resounded on the door, and Shanaya stood there.

“Good morning darling, did you sleep well?”

“Of course sir. What about you?”

“I managed. Is it time to go to the lawyer’s place? What did you say his name was?”

“Sandeep Kothari, Sir. His office is around 4 kilometers from here, so I guess we should leave.”

“Sandeep Kothari? You must be joking! That guy was my class mate in school! Let’s rush there right now!”

15 minutes later, the duo sat in the plush office of Sandeep Kothari.

“So it was you, eh? When your secretary called me up I had a small hunch that I knew you, but it really is you.”

“Never lost your habit of lying did you? Even now, you earn your living by lying,” Ashish said with a laugh.

“And you didn’t lose your sense of humor. Now what will you have?”

“Just a small file and some information on a client of yours.”

“Keep the file Ashu, not a problem. And I’m not talking of the information, I’m talking about breakfast?”

“I just want a peep at it, nothing more. You still mad behind free food fatty?”

“I’ll pay today dog! And I remember that my treat after the results did remain.”

“Ha-ha. So Sandy finally remembers his debts to us. Not today Sandy, next time. Let’s keep this official. I need details on Major Unnikrishnan’s estate and all about his will as well.”

“He was supposed to sign his will in a couple of days, and it was all ready.”

“Could I see it?”

“Yeah sure. I’ll have a copy sent to you as well. So, the Major was going to donate the whole estate to the Army Kids Foundation which supports Army orphans and widows.”

“What would be the approximate valuation of the whole estate?”

“It’s quite large and I haven’t got all the details as well.

“So now, the estate will go to the closest family member and not the Foundation?”

“Sad to say, yes.”

“Get me the details on the whole estate’s valuation Sandy. Please.”

“I’ll have someone work on it in sometime and I’ll send it across to you. You have any idea who’s done this?”

“Thanks Sandeep. We do have some suspects, but we still aren’t too sure on the exact identity. I’ll have to take your leave now. Here is my card, and here’s my personal number. And keep yourself free this weekend or the next, and let’s get the gang together.”

“Sure sure Ashish. I’ll call you up ASAP.”

With a handshake and a tight hug, the Detective left the room with Shanaya in tow.

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