Thursday, December 5, 2013

Murder Games- Part 4

The earlier parts: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

“Yes, my hunch was right! The murderer sure has a leg injury now,” murmured Chief Detective Ashish as he examined the mark in the floor. Standing up, he knocked his shoe hard in the floor, just next to the mark. He then measured the distance of the mark in the flooring to the window, and the scene which had happened after the crime took place came to him. Congratulating himself, he said out aloud, “Every criminal is a dimwit! God, why don’t you make some good criminals now? I would love to replace Sherlock as the best known detective.”

A knock on the door brought him back, and he saw Shanaya standing at the door. Behind her stood some people, and they all looked scared and nervous. As they walked in, they looked at each other, and then at Ashish.

“What exactly happened? I want to know all the details now, don’t play any sort of games with me, or you will face serious problems later,” the Detective announced with a superior air.

“Officer, is my presence needed as well? I would like to stay alone for a bit,” said the rather large woman from the corner.

“Ma’am, I grieve your brother’s death from the bottom of my heart, and it is a great loss for society as well. But, I wish to find that cruel soul which wished to banish him from this world, and your co-operation is all I wish for. I would be deeply obliged it you would follow me downstairs. We could get a drink to beat the heat, and have a short chat as well.”


Ushering her ahead, he said to Shanaya, “Get these men downstairs, and apologize to them in your sweetest voice.”

In the room downstairs, the Major’s sister went on about her tale, and broke down in between.

As she was taken out by the deputies, Shanaya came in and asked, “What did she tell sir? Is she the murderer?”

“I don’t think she is. Her actions gave me information that she deeply grieves this loss. But at the same time, when I reached the question about the brother-sister relationship, she went quiet for a minute, and then broke down. Well, I may have hurt her, but it could have been an act as well. The thing is, she doesn’t limp, so I’m not sure it’s her.”


“By the way, get an officer drop her home, and see if she allows us to have a look in her home. And 1 more thing, just make a note to check on the gardener. He had a fight with the Major sometime ago, so Lady Unnikrishnan had a doubt on him.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Get me the Major’s lawyer, and schedule a meeting with him first thing tomorrow morning. I need to check some stuff with him. Maybe it will clear the Lady from all this. And last thing sweetheart, don’t be so formal, it kills me to have you like this. I’m sorry for scolding you before,” he said, giving her hand a squeeze.

Putting her hands around him, she brought herself close to him and said, “It’s all right Sir.”

“Not with me though. And if you would please, you are blocking the camera.”

Pushing away, she went off in a hurry.

With a laugh, the Detective said, “Send in someone from there beautiful, I have a murder to solve. And get Forensic’s ETA as well. I wish to wind up with them.”

To himself, he went on, “If beauty was brains, she would be a female Einstein. But if brains were beauty, she would be worse than a dirty old hag. God, please save me.”


  1. You knowe... This detective duo sort of reminds me of Anil Kapoor and Sameera Reddy from Race...
    Yep.. Strangely I'm reading his dialogues in Anil's voice... and hers in Sameera's... :P

    1. Heheh...:P
      Hope the view changes soon da...;) :P