Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Chance Encounter and Lesson Learnt

There are some encounters which happen just like that without any warning or I’d say foresight. Some people come into your life and they steal away your breath even if they are the simplest of souls. Well, such an encounter took place with me, right at my home. I was expectant from the moment it happened to share it in my space right here, but it got a bit delayed due to some many other activities.

I have had a thought of practicing and learning (this part first) photography since quite some time, and photographers have always been an attraction for me. Due to some official work, a professional photographer, Mr. Subhabrata Das, had to visit my home, and he was kind enough to share some experiences of his work.

Subhabrata Das is one of the most humble people I have ever met, and his commitment is seen from his every movement. From a busy schedule, Mr. Das took some time out and enlightened me with his adventures as a photographer. The feeling that a professional photographer would spend quality time with a kid like me is too wonderful to express, and I have no words for it.

I don’t know why I’m writing this post, but yes, I had the thought of doing it the moment Mr. Das came into my home. I do not want to lose the privilege of knowing his unique experiences so I will not delve into that. I would though like to mention one of the best things he said.

“Always make sure you do the thing you can’t live without. Like, I’m a photographer so my mind always works just that way. Even when I’m talking to the Secretary of my building, I imagine that if the man had been a bit to his left and his face would be just a bit tilted to this angle, then he would have more light on his face, and it would be better to talk to him. In everything I do, I have photography with me, and it is my life. I just cannot live without it.”

Mr. Das said this in the simplest of language and in the simplest tone as well. We had just met, and I had just mentioned my thought that I would like to do some photography when he said this. Ha had passed on such an important lesson in such simple terms. Well, lesson learnt!

On this auspicious day, I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and would like to pass on a message that one must always do the activity one cannot live without rather than considering other factors. This allows you to remain content and happy with yourself and your life.


  1. Beautiful. I can totally see what Mr Das was pointing to when he says his mind has started working in that way. Sometimes, esp after a trip, I start seeing things in frames. More power to such passionate patrons of photography !

    1. Glad you liked it...:D
      Thank you for visiting...!! Keep coming back...!!