Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Murder Games- Part 3

The earlier Parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

“Yee-haa…,” he shouted, and down he jumped as the whole throng held its breath, and their hearts missed a beat.

With a dull thud, the agile detective landed on his feet, and steadied himself a bit.

“Shanaya, get over here, and measure the radius of my fall. And what are you all looking at? We have a murder to solve! Get your asses moving people!”

Shanaya rushed forward and started measuring the area around the detective with a quick nod.

“Sir, should I get you anything? Are you hurt?”

“I will get what I want, now just finish this,” Ashish said. With a brief pause he continued, “By the way, which perfume do you apply Shanu?”

“Did you like it Sir?”

“Well, you do smell kinda good, eh,” he replied with a wink.

“Oooh Really Sir?”

“Well, to be frank, you smell just great. I would love to get consumed by your breathtaking smell.”

“Well, it’s an imported brand, Sir.”

“Your choice of perfumes is good,” he said. He continued in a murmur, “Who else would buy a perfume which reeks sulphur.”

“Sir the reading is too small compared to the previous reading. What shall we do now?”

“Nothing. Just go and get me a glass of water. Leave me your notebook and get me Forensics on the phone. I need them here before the hour ends. Also check if the people I called are here. I’m going upstairs to the crime scene. Get there in 10 minutes to tell me that all the things I want done are completed.”

“Yes Ashu…”

“My name is Ashish, and I’m a Super Detective. Get that?”

“Yes Ashish Sir. I was wondering what you inferred from all this,” asked Shanaya inquisitively.

“Well, the murderer is bound to have a fracture or at least a wound on his leg. And he may also be limping. He should be young though.”

“Wow Sir! How did you get it all in just that jump?”

“Get the rust out of your brains, and use them just this once. I’m tired of explaining things to you now! And it frustrates me to think that you will die famous without doing a thing!”

“How is that Sir?”

“That’s ‘cause the top half of your building is empty! Now go! I have work to do!”

As he rushed off, Shanaya wondered aloud, “What building? Sir must really visit a psychologist, he is really MAD!”

“I heard you Shanaya, and I prefer the word eccentric instead.”


  1. very interesting read with humors intact.

    1. Thank you Ma'am, glad you liked it..:)
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