Saturday, December 7, 2013

P.A.S.S. Post #1

As the alarm clock chirped at the early hour, he jumped up from bed. The date’s importance remained in the foreground of his brain, and Ajay rushed off to get ready. Looking in the mirror, he rubbed his stubble, and said to himself, “Now this is royal! Everyone will be bowled over by this new look of mine.”

“Ajay, breakfast is on the table, get down fast.”

“On my way sis.”

Going down the stairs, he sat himself at the table, and started devouring the plate of breakfast set on the table, with a speed unmatched by any human. As Ashwini, his sister, came back in to the room, she shrieked with horror.

“What the hell is this bro? Don’t tell me you are going like this to your re-union!”

“How is this new style of mine?”

“It’s…its horrible! You look like a bear!”

“You won’t understand Ashu, this is men’s style. Anyways, I’m off. I have to pick Rahul on the way as well. I’ll be late tonight, and I’m taking the keys so you all can sleep off without any tension.”

“Fine…ughh, now go! I can’t bear the sight of you!”

Ajay and Rahul entered the campus, much to the delight of the rest of the group. Rahul received all the good words, and all Ajay got was, “Ajay, I hate that smelly stubble of yours.”

All he did was scratch his scraggly beard lazily.

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with BlogAdda.

I have accepted the tag from Sammya. I would like to hear the views of Bushra, Bhavya, Jahid, Sreesha, Anil and Aayesha on the P.A.S.S. Movement in around 200-300 words. Do work on it guys.


  1. Nice post Karan! And thank you for wanting to hear my view on it :)
    Stubble.. umm.. It's the sexiest thing a man can have at 5 am in the morning! ;)
    But.. but definitely not the best thing at work! Puhleeze! It's a big no!
    A man needs no stubble to carry him off well! Stubble makes men look messy and sloppy - gives a Hobo look. :P *thumbs down*
    Ever seen the navy men, always clean and neat! perfect men! no stubble no velcro effect :P

  2. I think it's shit- this movement and all! Stupid phoney attempts to publicize products by running silly movements! There was another such silly movement at Blogadda sponsored by Gilette...the prizes never came and after four months now, the contest is long forgotten...they just punched in some Tshirts to stop people from asking questions!

    I personally think that every man has his own right to choose whether he should keep a stubble or not! If he opts for it, doesn't mean it's just means that he's not acting like a prostitute to attract the other gender!

    Anyways, this is my view... You have done a good attempt at the post. :)

    1. Now I didn't know that...but what's in trying..
      Thanks anyways...:)

  3. Nice post Karan! Although I don't shave a lot either (particularly on monday morning :D) and also because of the fact that I'm super-lethargic, but that is a different story ;)
    Thanks a lot for the tag! Will try to come up with something. Best wishes :)

  4. OMG Karan! I just saw your mail. Okay, I don't really participate in contests (contests/movements?) (Platinum day is the only thing I ever participated in, and that too cos I had a story brewing in my head and I thought why not)

    Now, as for shaving, in my opinion, a guy with a bit of a stubble (one-day old, not more) look way better than the clean-shaven, ubla-hua-aloo type guys, if you know what I mean. I mean to each his own, but still. And it's not smelly.
    So I don't know how I am gonna write a piece that'll do justice to the theme, since I don't believe in the theme myself. You get me?
    But anyway, let me see if I can cook something up. Gotta go read about this contest first! :P

    1. Heheh...its fine Ma'am...:)
      Loved your opinion..;) :P