Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Murder Games- Part 7

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“So where were we? Ahh, on the murderer,” Ashish continued as he entered the room. “Did you get a look at his face?”

“No sir. He was walking away from me, but the limp was seen quite well.”

“That will do, could you describe the figure for me at least? And another thing, show me the place where you saw the murderer jump over the wall.”

“Sure sir. The figure was not too tall or too short as well, and he was dressed in black. He had worn a mask as well, so I could not make out the hair or any other details.”

“So you are not sure if it’s a man or a woman?”


“That will do. Would you show me where you saw the person jump out?”

“Okay Sir.”

As the two of them went out of the room, Ashish motioned the Forensics team waiting just outside to follow him. At the scene, Ashish and the team went into action with a speed which made the postman’s eyes widen in shock.

“Are you sure this was the place?”

“Yes sir, for sure.”

“Damn! This place has nothing to offer us! Tambe, did you get a fingerprint or a scrape in the algae, or even a single clue?”

“No sir. This place is clean. But yes, there is a slight depression at the top which could have been caused by the placement of a hand, but it’s very minute.”

“Get a sketch of it, and find out the size as well. This may help us find the size of the gloves worn at least.”

“Okay sir. I’m on it. I have called for a ladder as well, checking the other side is still left.”

“What the heck do you need a ladder for fat ass? I’ll check it out. You Forensic guys need to hit the gym, fat pigs all of you.”

Jumping over the wall in a single push of his legs, he went over to the other side, and called out to Forensic Captain Tambe.

“Tambe, get your fat butt here buddy! I found some treasure and I’ll take it home without paying any damn tax on it!”

“I’ll come only if you promise me a part of it Sir.”

“Get yourself here within a minute. I’ll have you receive a court martial.”

“Damn, this man has the ears of an elephant.”

“I’ll jump over the wall and make you run around the ground 5 times Tambe if I hear another comment from you fatso!”

“I was just asking what you found Sir.”

“The murderer’s black dress. We have this case in the bag now.”

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