Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's a Tablet Life

18/12/13 00:00

As soon as I had read this topic, I had a sudden and unexpected happiness take over my heart. Writing about my daily life with a tablet would surely be easy as I have one (Samsung Note 510), and it’s been some months since I have it. So, I started off then by thinking about what I’d write, and the clock ticked on.

So, the last date of submission of this topic has come and is breathing down my back and I have finally accepted that I have got no ideas for the topic- not even one so I can even get a start. Damn! Late as it is, mom comes and makes me switch off the computer, and there goes my dream to write properly for the competition.

“Don’t lose hope Karan, just make some points and go on to describe the things you enjoy on the tab from morning. There’s still a day left anyway, so you can expand on the points tomorrow in the daytime.”

With this brave thought which I had uhm…15 minutes ago, I am starting with the list of things I do on the tablet my parents have given me. Charger set, headset ready and blaring, WiFi and data packet functioning, and Polaris Office on- yes I’m ready to start.

Ping! There he is just as I begin! Anil, my online brother, and the one who will be using me for his post (I’m just predicting that…:P), is here with his bag of mad ideas and plans.

“You doing yoga kid?”

“I’m still thinking man, I don’t know what to write.”

“Karan is facing a loss of words, ha-ha.”

“Shut up and let me think bro! I got till 02:30 only, then its Barca time.”

“Who cares…Reds are the best, and we will win. I bet you a 7-Up on that. Good boy…:P”

“You are 9th in the League, all you can get is Babaji ka Thullu…:P”

“Don’t disturb me now, and let me write. I’m winning this time, for sure! And don’t talk about football if you don’t know anything about it kid, ‘cause I’ve been watching it since the time you got big enough to fit into diapers.”

“You’re drunk…and Barca’s blazing through tonight…B)”

The clock strikes 1 in the background, and here I am. Laying full stretch in bed, slowly sipping cool water and skipping songs, I finally jump from the Messenger to the Office package provided and I open a blank document, all in the hope to write some words, and to get an entry for the contest. Thanks to the multi-window function which allows me to switch from one program to another with lots of ease.

“Let’s begin with another part of the topic, the one where I need only points, and then I’ll go on.”

What must an ideal tablet have?

  1. A better battery life
  2. A way to reduce its size for storage purposes in the jeans pocket

“And…and…hey wait! This can include many of the things I already have in this, and those I have wished for as well!”
  1. A large screen
  2. USB slots to insert data drives
  3. Maybe a printer slot
Buzz! There comes Anil again, and now he brings some news.

“Yo, I got a part done. Did you read the PDF?”

“What PDF?”

“Didn’t you see the contest page? You on weed or what? :P”

“I’m bored man, I don’t have a storyline, nor a plot and idk what I’m gonna do.”

“This time I’m winning…:P”

“Let me see that PDF and then maybe I’ll get an idea. Or maybe I’ll play FIFA till match begins.”

“You on PC now? How will you download that PDF? :P”

“Naa, I’m from the tab. I have browsers and downloading is very possible on this, unlike your antique Nokia…:P”

“Now don’t use this in your Yoga thing, cheater. I’m sleeping anyways. Will do the rest in college.”

“Go sleep boy. Good night.”

Without an option, I open Chrome at a simple touch while my thoughtful crusade to obtain points goes on, and there downloads my PDF. Multi-window is a feature I did miss in my list above, and as I go through the details of the Yoga Tablet, I see that it satisfies most all of the purposes an ideal tablet must quench- interesting!

Yawn! This is making me damn sleepy- making notes, and reading information and stud at 01:30 in the night (or should I say morning), and so I am shifting away to an exciting and addictive part of my tablet- gaming!

18/12/13 02:00

Gaming is always fun, especially if you have the right hardware and software available to you. Good graphics from the developer come through in sight if the specifications you possess in the tablet are optimum. I completely enjoy FIFA14, Real Racing 3, and other high quality games, and seeing what the Yoga Tablet provides, I am sure these games will be enjoyed without any lag.

But, along with the quad-core processor the Yoga Tablet possesses, the Tablet works on the Android operating system which I do have as well, and this makes it quite easy for usage and for downloads as well.

Two more points for my list: an easy-for-usage operating system, and a good processor.

18/12/13 02:25

“Who kept the lights on till now? Damn! I slept off in between. Sorry Barca, I’m going. Need to wake up early enough to complete the write-up.”

18/12/13 09:45

It’s a fresh morning, and here I am, back in action after a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast.

“So Karan, what did you do on the tablet from morning? I need to get into flashback for this…”

18/12/13 08:45

Tring rings the alarm bell and arouses me from my sleep. Reluctantly opening my eyes, I take my dearest friend who waits next to me, standing alone with my spectacles. Swiftly switching from the social networks to the mails and the messages, it all lays before me at just a touch. The large screen adjusts itself to the brightness I wish for, and my eyes don’t get strained as well.

“Get ready and start writing!”

This feeling ceases to make me move forward and race towards the bathroom to get freshened up, and I lay in bed playing again, restarting my game from where I left off the night before. On a lighter note, this tablet has surely spoiled me.

18/12/13 09:50

So I played again, and did a bit of catching up with friends and…nothing more! I can’t keep writing that again and again, so let’s think a bit more! So, I checked out highlights of yesterday’s match and also had a brief discussion about it on the group…well that’s all already written!

Now let’s get on the computer and edit the points and stuff made yesterday, and add some masala to it and make it into a post!

“Son, can you wait for some time? I need to just check some mails and stuff from the PC, and then you go on to write. Use that tablet for some time please,” says dad as I make my way to the chair.

So, I am back on the tablet scribbling some words, and writing some stuff.

In the months I have had the tablet with me; and I have done various things with its help. I have been able to maintain and update my blog at any time of the day, and it feels like I have a computer with the touch function and also a calling option in my hands.

Wow! Now this could have been written by a child as well…:3

I have seen movies, played games, read books, made new friends, and got in touch with people far away as well, all at a single touch. Not to talk again about the things I mentioned before.

“So the next thing they have asked is how you would use the Yoga Tablet better…”

I have faced some problems with my tablet and a bit in the usage as well. I had to pay a bit more to purchase a good cover for the tablet so that it would help me get a better viewing angle, but that did increase my cost!

Seeing the usage of the Yoga Tablet makes me wonder why I didn’t have that as an option when I bought my Samsung Note 510! A wonderful way to stand it in various angles ranging from 0 to 180 degrees, the Yoga Tablet would surely not need a cover for support! The extension provided can easily be folded away and hidden for easy carrying, and this allows an external keyboard to be fit as well.

The absence of the cover would make the clicking of pictures a lot easier, and perceiving the clarity of the 5 MP rear camera, I’m sure the images would be of wonderful quality. This tablet can also be used for viewing movies, and seeing videos. Memory space would surely not pose as a problem as the internal 16GB memory can be expanded to 64GB as well using an external SD card.

“Make a list out of this Karan, it will help you write the entry better!”

Things and activities which can be done using the Lenovo Yoga Tablet:
  1. Seeing movies
  2. Clicking pictures easily
  3. Making calls and sending messages on various platforms (allows you to connect to the outside world)
  4. Gaming
  5. Listening to songs
  6. Downloading data
  7. Writing stuff and maintaining a blog

Well I could go on with this, but I don’t want to repeat the things here, I’ll hold on to it, and I’ll put it directly in the post!

Aptly named, this tablet allows you to obtain a free viewing angle without straining your body and muscles, and that is the best part of it. The price is also very competitive and at $275, this tablet does stand out!

For me, having a tablet is the best boon, and I treasure it completely. People do ask me why I have it all the time, but hey! It’s very useful! I use it for calling as well, and at times, when I don’t have the headset with me, it looks very weird, and eww! :P

But that’s what a tablet must be- different, and unique! As we move into an age where people are exercise fanatics, and are health conscious as well, the name would pose as an attraction.

“Karan, my work is done, you want the PC now?”

“Yes dad, I’ll be right there.”

So, now the computer is completely free, and I just have to copy my stuff there and start expanding it! I’d rather mail it and then copy it there, why work on typing again. Oh my God! It’s 12:30 already! I have less than 12 hours left and there’s classes and homework as well! Save me, God!

18/12/13 15:30

“Get here Anil! I’m just done with my post! And it’s quite long as well, a bit too much more than I’d initially imagined…Now who’s at a loss for words, eh? :P”

“I’ll be there at 5 kid, I’m in college. What did you write about man? Some cheese stuff involving you and the tablet? :P”

“No man! I got a great idea, hope it works fine. You come back at 5, and then I’ll tell you about it. :P”

“I really need to get my entry done now, ‘cause I need to win!”

“You got till midnight man, do it.”

18/12/13 22:30

Let’s get this entry up, yippee! Finally managed to do something on it. Now it’s time for Dove, WeChat and Santas…run on brain! Get some more ideas!

For more information on Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet you can visit their Facebook Page by clicking here (

Yoga Tablet: It’s a #BetterWay.


  1. I liked your take in this. :)
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    1. Glad you liked it Ma'am..:)
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  2. Ah! A great post Karan! Best wishes for the contest :)

    1. Thank you Bhavya..:)
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  3. Awesome ya :D You have a story out of it!!

    1. Thank you Sammya...glad you liked it..:D

  4. I actually like your post a little more than the other entries. Although buying a tab for clicking pictures does not fulfill its purpose but yet a very nice entry. All the best for the contest :)


    1. I can take pictures with this, and the quality is good as well, so I don't mind using it as a camera...
      Thank you for your wishes Ma'am..:)
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  5. If you ask me to choose between a Galaxy Note and a conventional 10' tablet, I'd opt for the Note... it does have the right size, the advantage of S-pen, and processing power that few gadgets can match.

    However, loved reading your post.

    Arvind Passey

    1. That is true...
      Glad you liked the post Sir...
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  6. Good one da! :)

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  7. Very well written, all the best for the contest..though a few pics would have added to the post...

    1. I was a bit short on time so couldn't manage that, will take care next time..:)
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