Saturday, December 7, 2013

Big Bazaar Direct

Big Bazaar, one of the largest giants of our nation, has flourished and expanded under the eyes of Mr. Kishor Biyani. We all do visit their stores for the purchase of articles ranging from grocery to fashion, and electronics to gift articles. But does that give us that much happiness? Is that how you wish to spend your valuable time with your loved ones? Of course not!

So, here comes the cat out of the bag! Big Bazaar Direct! A wonderful concept which is basically an e-Commerce initiative, but the uniqueness it possesses is that it involves a human interface- a franchisee. And…yippee!! My dad is now a registered franchisee in this start-up by the retail giants!

So, to place your order, you just have to place a call to the registered franchisee, and they will take down your order. This order will reach you within a week and there is also a replacement/payback guarantee if you do not wish to have the product after you receive it.

At present, the expanding database of this enterprise comprises of the best products in the categories of fashion, food, gift articles, electronics, home articles like crockery, and so on. There are also other special attractive offers along with the offers being hosted at Big Bazaar outlets, and this is an added advantage.

So, it all works to save your time and energy to drive through the heavy traffic to the store, and then you spend a couple of hours searching, and then the same time in the bill payment lines. Tired, you trudge home carrying your purchase, after spending the whole day at a simple store. But here, you order something sitting at home, and then you enjoy the rest of the day with your loved ones, and within a week, the parcel comes knocking at your door.

That was the basics about how the concept works in reality. For more details, you can send me an email or call on +919892207767.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Wow, thats interesting read....very informative indeed

  2. Hope your dad's interesting new venture is flourishing well...