Sunday, December 1, 2013

Murder Games- Part 2

To read what happened in the 1st Part, Click Here.

Hearing Ashish’s command, Shanaya rushed to the nearby policeman and handed him the list of people the ace detective wanted for questioning. Ashish was closely examining the window, and as he saw Shanaya walking towards him, he said, “Has anyone ever complimented on your walking style?”

“Oh no sir. Why,” she asked, surprised, yet feeling a bit of happiness.

“Well, I was definitely scared by the way you walked in. It looked like a flat footed and tall bullfrog was walking towards me.”

“Sir…,” Shanaya said in a sad voice as her head fell.

“I’m just kidding hon, you looked like a model walking on the ramp. Completely sexy.”

Lowering his volume, he muttered, “Why does this job make me lie so much?”

Going back to his job of checking the window, he now took out a measuring tape, and measure the diameter of the hole in the glass. Then stepping back, he saw a depression in the wooden floor.

“Shanu, get a camera, and take images of the broken glass and this mark here. I have a slight hunch, and I’m going down to follow up on that. You get the pictures, and get down there after that. And yes, make sure no one cleans the shards of glass, it will help us.”

Without waiting for a reply, he went off down the stairs and stood exactly below the broken window. Making sure to walk only on the stones, he reached his destination, and what he saw made him smile. Looking towards the skies in a silent prayer, he got to his knees and took out his measuring tape.

“Shanaya, where the hell are you!”

“I’m so sorry Sir, I was drinking some water. Was feeling a bit dehydrated.”

“Oh wow! Now if I tell you to work in the sun, will you get an umbrella for shade? Now get these measurements of the bent grass down, and then sit right exactly in the middle. I’ll be right back.”

“I must really think like Ashish Sir does. He’s so good.”

As she finished noting the things down, she heard a voice from above.

“Shanaya, get away from there, and just watch me.”

Standing on the sill, he waved with a wide smile as all the policemen and Shanaya looked at him in shock.

“Yee-haa…,” he shouted, and down he jumped as the whole throng held its breath, and their hearts missed a beat.


  1. WELLL????
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    1. Part 3 is out Bro!! ;) :D
      Happy Reading..!! :D :)