Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dream Chaser

There I walk alone,
In the dark of the night,
Trudging through the silence,
I do not hope for the light.

Thoughts linger,
Deep in my brain,
A fortress of secrets,
And ideas which I do not refrain.

A glare from the distance,
Doubles me over,
But I have to stand back up,
And I will fall back forever.

A dream I have seen,
Which I must go behind,
Working hard to achieve,
I must get myself refined.

Here I look at the future,
And not the dreary past,
Yet I live in the present,
This is the one which will last.

The blasts from the horn,
Thwart me just like people do,
No different are the screeching brakes,
Mere distractions, they are too.

I shift to the side,
But not beyond measure,
All I want to be called,
Is a Dream Chaser.


  1. Certainly a Dream Chasing Post !!
    Dream Big to Achieve Big..

  2. A decent poem, quite good given that ur forte lies in short stories. Personally, i find it very hard to write even a 4-lne poem

  3. Yeah, I am also a dream chaser and liked how you wrote the poem

  4. i liked your poem...i think almost everyone of us is a dream chaser...

    1. Thank you Ma'am, glad you liked it...:)
      Do keep visiting..!!