Monday, December 9, 2013

Murder Games- Part 6

The earlier parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

Ashish stood at the chair, wondering about the suspects, when the next man walked in. Dressed in a brown shirt, and a similar pant, the man also wore glasses, and looked just around his 30s. As soon as the Chief Detective made the man sit on his chair, he started talking.

“Sir, I saw the murderer.”


“I saw him limping away slowly into the distance. As soon as I called out to him, he ran ahead and jumped over the wall, grimacing in pain.”

“Are you sure? Didn’t you tell the guard at the gate?”

“He wasn’t there when I came, so I had to let myself in. The maid took the letter from me, and at that time I mentioned about the man to her.”

“What did she say then? And what about the guard?”

“She took my help to walk to the guard’s cabin and we informed him about what had happened. He went to search the grounds, but nothing futile was found in the search.”

“How long did you take to walk from the guard’s cabin to the house and back there with the maid?”

“Around 10 minutes. I had to fill my bottle as well, so I told the maid to get it done, and she readily accepted.”

“Would you like anything to drink? Please do help yourself, I’ll be just a minute.”

“I’m fine Sir.”

Going out of the door, Ashish went to the room where Shanaya was talking with the maid.

“Shanaya, don’t let her go after you’re done, and get me a map of the grounds as well. Also summon the security guard.”

“Any developments Sir?”

“The postman has seen the murderer. And there are some things I wish to clear out as well. Call the station and tell a sketch artist to be ready. We may need him as well.”

“Oh my God! But Sir, what if the postman is lying? He could have slipped upstairs and killed the Major when the maid was filling his bottle, couldn’t he? The sight of the murderer could just be a way to sideline our search.”

“Are you getting smart or is it just my presence which incites such questions in you? Keep using that head of yours and one day you will be in my position.”

“Oh, really Sir! That would be so great!”

“I’m just kidding dear. You will retire before me, I’m sure of that! And anyways, I’m not getting promoted any time soon. Now get to work. I’ll talk to the postman and join you in 5 minutes. Let’s get this case closed today itself. Then off we go on a holiday.”

“Oh wow Sir, where are we going?”

“Somewhere far, where there is no one, and there is only peace of mind. And the silence wakes us…”

“Should I pack my bag? When will we leave?”

“Completely your choice love…but I’ve got loads of holidays remaining, you don’t.”

“I forgot that sir,” Shanaya said dejectedly.

“We’ll go next time sweetheart.”

Continuing to himself as he exited the room, he said, “A true blonde. She still doesn’t know that after solving a case, the detective in charge and his subordinate get 3 days off. Thank you God for such a bright assistant.”

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