Thursday, December 5, 2013

Education, Not Really

As years have progressed, the education from colleges is said to decline and classes have been seen to take over this, especially in 11th and 12th, where students enroll in classes especially to clear the competitive entrance exams. Well, I enrolled too!

So, I’m not gonna blabber about the importance colleges must receive, nor will I say that classes are not important. The government now brought out a rule, in the engineering entrance, that college marks will be counted as well, and it would affect your entrance into a college. Along with this, colleges worked to increase their required percentage of attendance in order to sit the exam at the end of the year.

But do colleges actually deserve this? Do they deserve the importance?

So, here is a completely wild experience of what happened yesterday in a college some of my friends go to. The college in question has wonderful infrastructure, such that its lobby and some classes are used for shooting TV serials, and also for functions and classes. The infrastructure for students is seemingly similar in condition, with benches decorated with holes and broken air conditioners for show. (I am relieved to say that my college was, and is far from that level, and even though we do not have air conditioners, we have a wonderful set of teachers).

Now going back to what happened in that superb college. The Physics prelim paper got postponed. Now that is not irregular, is it? But getting postponed less than 2 days before the scheduled time! Yes! The college announced yesterday at 7 pm that the paper, which was going to be held on 6th, is now postponed to 9th. Good news for the kids! But management skills- horrendous. Along with this, the students have to complete a journal which they haven’t bought as well, in around a week’s time! WOW!

But the best part of it is that the teacher in-charge at our class center (the college provides integrated courses) comes and announced out loud, “Tum log aake hume mat bolna ke pehle kyun nahi bataya karke. Hum late nahi jaage hai, college hi late jagi hai. Tum log ko toh pata hi hoga na.” (Don’t come and tell us we didn’t tell you all earlier. We have not woken up late, it’s the college which has done so. You’ll are sure to know that, aren’t you?)

Now, I went like, “LOL! What the heck is this?”

I always had the whim that colleges aren’t getting the importance they deserve, and they must get a bit more of it. But after I heard this, I changed my view to, “Good colleges deserve the importance, and if colleges are like this, then the students are right in not giving them significance.”

So, what’s your take on this? Classes or college- which would you give more importance to? (Do consider all factors and not only certain aspects.)


  1. [ Smiles ] Actually, I would give classes the upper hand and be grateful when accepted by a college.

  2. Depends on what kind of college you are studying.. If the college provides good education, nobody would need the classes. But it doesnt happen that way.. And our education system has become way too complex and money minded to answer this question in simple terms

    1. Yes Ma'am, this is the problem in our education system, the colleges feel they are unimportant, and so they reduce their efforts, so the significance they receive reduces even more...

  3. I loved my college life.It was full on masti..Had I not been there,I would have missed on lot of friends.I think education wasn't so important :P

    1. That's true as well, doesn't matter how much we blame the colleges, we can't deny that some of our best years were spent there...:P