Monday, July 28, 2014

A Separation

You are to me very dear,
Your absence is all I fear,
I cry out loud when you ain’t there,
These words of mine can’t you hear?

We, between us, have a bond,
It’s strengthened and I’ve grown too fond,
Stay away from her they’d warned,
I didn’t realize till my mistake dawned.

We were together for long,
I thought we were together strong,
But you’ve departed as has the throng,
So all I can do is write this song.

All’s wrong without you,
I’m getting ideas less, very few,
For your return I’d give anything in lieu,
So just come back, I miss you.

This isn’t a poem but an ode,
From my heart, with emotions overload,
True it is ‘cause I can’t clearly see the road,
And as the clock ticks, I’m more hollowed.

I miss our late nights,
And those insane fights,
Those pictures we took at heights,
And our coy whispering without lights.

Love, to you I’m calling,
As in the darkness I’m falling,
Just come, and stop stalling,
I’ll take care, and not do any mauling.

This is how much I can do,
For that someone, you know who,
But you’re the one this poem is addressed to,
I’ll just end with I love you.

PS: This is addressed to my dearest companion, my phone, who has called in sick. Get well soon dear, I miss you a bit too much.


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    1. Will surely check out :)
      Keep visiting..!!

  2. very nice poem... loved each line of it... can feel the "separation" in the poem... fantastic creation...

  3. Aaaaawww so cute. Hope you get your love back.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes Ma'am :)