Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Today I shall speak,
Or even rhyme,
As a blogger,
Who doesn’t earn a dime.

Is this something serious,
I guess so not,
I still haven’t gone mad sane,
Nor is my forehead hot.

The title says it all,
It’s about promotions,
Though I may include,
Some blogger notions.

The blog is our baby,
A showcase for our writing,
But the feeling runs deep,
‘Cause for every pageview we are fighting.

A comment is advice,
And followers are like Gods,
It brings tears of happiness,
When someone notices and applauds.

This is how we do it,
By sharing and spamming too,
The second verb is ignored,
By all, including me and you.

Topics new we find,
As the sun daily rises,
But contests are like sweets,
And we fight dirty for the prizes.

It’s our baby I say again,
A creation of beauty,
Letting the world know,
We thus feel is our duty.

Here I must end,
As my points are all over,
Wish I had thoughts some more,
To write on and to cover.

Alexa, Moz and Indi,
The ranks I never cared about,
But the ones that are talked off,
And they’ve left behind a rout.

Well it’s the words,
That mainly matter,
They can range from a short chat,
To even a long chatter.

I must depart,
With the promise to be back,
The problem is now more visible,
That more ideas in this I do lack.


  1. Lovely post, I am sure every blogger could relate to it..

    1. Glad you liked it :D
      Keep visiting..!!

  2. The blog is certainly a blogger's baby!
    Nicely summed up emotions, Karan :)

  3. Perfect combination of emotions and feelings of a blogger...!!
    Good Day :)

    1. Glad you liked it Ma'am :)
      Good day to you too :)

  4. Nice post.... Keep adding such post

    1. Thank you Sir, and surely will keep adding :)
      Keep visiting..!!

  5. you've in true sense exposed a blogger.. we live a life full of too many shades and we do things others may not even think of doing.. there is more to a blogger than just writing and boy, you can make a rhyme out of nothing.

    I love the way you depicted who you truly are as it shows the kind of thoughts that circulate in us. who says, blogging is just a hobby.. it is so much more than it..a blogger writes and creates and lives and loves and last but by no means least immortalizes with words and that is the best gift any person or thing can get.

    1. The first line you said is from the mouth of Shade and not Shruti :)
      And thank you...glad you liked it post :D :)