Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Darkness is my only companion,
My lone friend is the night,
The shadows are the traitors,
The wind is the spy,
Holding my breath I hide,
A silhouette, a mere image,
That’s what I’m reduced to.

The clock hums on- tick tock,
The haze swirls and swallows,
Me, I’m gone, a figment of the past,
Only alive in the book of history,
In the words printed though,
Shall survive my words, and thoughts, forever,
They’re written in the ink of freedom.

I’m away from all mortal ills,
But save me I dearly plead,
As the three hands reach out and pull me in,
And push me back into the abyss, the empty void,
As I struggle and fight to survive,
In this race of time, the true game of life,
Till I fade away into nothingness.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Mohi...glad you liked it..!! :)
      Keep visiting..!! :D

  2. ye sb chod nursery rhymes likhna chalu kar :D :D

    I love your poetry. I too sometimes write on similar stuff.Sending you the link to two of my poems,hope you like them.

    1. Great stuff..loved it a lot! :)
      Glad you like my work Ma'am :D

  4. A very sad yet beautiful poem... you have used almost every word which relates to loneliness but the best is the comparison with night...

  5. Great impact especially when i read this poem in a black background (darkness) and white ink (peaceful, serene free from all struggles)....nicely juxtaposed

    1. Thank you Ma'am...glad you liked it :D
      Keep visiting..!!