Friday, July 25, 2014

Kick of 'Bhai'-giri

“Voh jeena bhi kya jisme Kick nahi ho pagli!”

Another first day first show for me, and Bhai it is! Salman Bhai makes his films just to deliver a message, because giving a message without drama, action, fights, Dabangg-giri and Kick, is too mainstream.

The news is saying that this is a masala entertainment film with Salman Khan written all over it. Just reading through the news and tweets, I just noticed that the Roshans contributed to one of the dialogues of the movie, one of the remembered ones. They ended up watching the whole movie and also the posters so many times, and that’s because of one of their most successful superhero.

 “Zara hum bhi toh dekhe ke humse bada shaitaan kaun paida ho gaya.”

Zara dekhlo isse Roshans! Someone can steal from your Krrish too, and he is Bhai! Salman Bhai stole Krrish’s mask, and that is probably the reason why Hrithik Roshan is spotted crying in every scene, happy, sad or copied.

Salman did challenge them indirectly with “Pata nahi kaun hai, kahan hai, sirf uska naam pata hai- Devil.”

Yeh kya hota hai Kick?

Even the co-stars are in doubt about what Kick was. Well, you want a Kick, then you need to wait till September when the new football season kicks off! Man, learn some patience. But well, that was Bhai, and Bhai can’t be denied, not with the ‘between two legs’ and the various chheds he promises to give.

Now, finally I’ll talk about the movie. It takes too heavily from Vidya Balan’s ‘Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment’. That’s what the movie is. With Chetan Bhagat at the helm of the script, there is a flashback, just like every damn book or movie of his does, and yes, it again intertwines with the present and then the story moves forward. As I said before, there is a message, and it’s presented amid all the comic action and those hilarious stunts, and that’s that to the story.

Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Jacqueline Fernandez are good, with the 1st and 2nd being more prominent with their much important roles. Mithun da does well with his occasional scenes, and well, Salman Bhai. He is all the film is about, from start to the end.

“Tock. Eeeeee.”
That is all Nawazuddin is all about. Coming in after the interval, he adds a new factor to the film, and to the story, as a villain. With these two sounds echoing across the theater (an Inox multiplex) along with questions like, What the hell is he trying to do?, Nawazuddin should be credited for playing a role he has never done before.

As Randeep Hooda rightly says in the film, “Eid aa rahi hai, aur voh Eidi lene zarur ayega”, this film will surely earn quite an amount. I really hope it surpasses Dhoom 3, but only because of the entertainment factor, and nothing else said, nothing mentioned.


  1. Interesting review. Had a great laugh. Liked the way you tied the Roshans , dailogs from the movie and The pictures are awesome..