Monday, July 7, 2014

Vade Ki Daastan

We say we are diet conscious, health freaks who do not like eating those oily fried fast foods which we get on the street, or even if we make them at home. So one of my favorites are the varieties of vadas which we eat. The vada-pavs, and the medu vadas, and dal vadas…slurp! There are different songs, old and new, which tell us that vadas are so good, and they help us imagine it all. Do forgive me even if I completely mutilate the songs, because this is just a work of fiction, and of imagination, to satiate the urge to enjoy the vadas in the rains, with hot steaming tea.

Let us begin with a small prayer, an ode to our stomachs, so that we stay strong, and however many vadas we eat, may our weight not increase.

Humko pet ki shakti dena,
Weight gain na kare,
Dusro ke khaane se pehle,
Humko khaana mile.

There are some songs which actually promote the eating of vadas. Here is one in which Rajnikanth Sir is used to say that vadas must be eaten.

Dum maaro dum,
Bhajiya garam,
Khao subeh shaam,
Rajnikanth bhi le khaake prabhu ka naam.

Then there is the one song, the romantic ode, which tells us about personal choice, and how vadas must actually be savored.

Vade ache lagte hai,
With chutney,
And sambhar,
Mat pina,
Saath mein rum.

Next we come to the blockbuster song, which you shall very easily recognize, and it is quite self-explanatory too.

Vada o vada,
Aisa lazis tu vada,
Har koi chaahe tujhe,
Khaana akela.

Well well well…! Now I’m quite hungry, so I’m going out with my friend to fill my stomach, and there is a song for that situation which faces me. The awkward situation when I have to decide which type of vada to devour first (first because obviously I can’t skip any, can you?).

Yaar hume kis mod pe le aaya,
Ider medu vada,
Uder dal vada,
Kaun yeh bataye,
Pehle kya khayega.

So, I decided to walk to the new shop which had opened at the crossroad. It smelled awesome and it delicately attracted me towards it, and so I went there. As I went near, the aroma intoxicated me, and I joined the waiting crowd. There I remembered another song.

Sunghke vada Madrasvala,
Khul jaye bhare pet ka bhi taala,
Khaake aisa kare dhamaal,
Bill dekhke ruk jaye sabki chaal,
Aaya chor Madras vade vala.

Well, new shop and the waiting throng. I couldn’t resist, and I ended up halving the weight of my wallet, but with the taste and the quality, it was completely worth it. Then my friend and I walked to the other shop, and sat down at the table. The vadas came quickly and they were steaming hot, direct from the frying pan. As we waited for them to cool, my fingers beat on the wooden table, and the words came to my lips.

Vada tu ab toh aaja,
Bhuka sa pet behke,
Aake pet bharja,
Tere tan ki jwala,
Tu thanda jaldi ho jaa,
Aise pet mein samaja.

Burp! Phew! Well, this was enough for snacks, but when it comes to dinner, I have a new song which exactly fits the bill.

Chaar thali vada,
Khaana mera lunch ka,
Chai meri jo roke,
Meine uthke usko thoka.

Now the wonder sets in, and as Shruti rightly asks me with furrowed brows and a tinge of anger, “Why and how are you so thin if you eat so much?”

Sis, here is an answer to your question. Not exactly mine, but yes, mine.

Meri umar ke naujavanon,
Khaana na khaana o deewano,
Meine pet bharke,
Wazan badhaya,
Aur gym join karli,
Par jhut toh kehte hum hai,
Kehte hum hai,
Pal sabhi,
Bhuk se badhkar nahi hai,
Badhkar nahi hai,
Rog koi,
Chadta nahi khaana khaake yaaron,
Iss sharir mein wazan koi,
Iss bhuk ka nahi hai ilaaj,
Duniya mein aur koi,
Toh khao,
Om shanti om.

Well, please do not eat Om and Shanti unless you are cannibals. And yes, even I do not know how I am thin, even though I eat that much.

Ouch! Oh no! Its dinner time already! I could fill my stomach with vadas, but too much of anything is bad too. So I’ll shift my attention to the other savories which await me at home. I’ll end this with a melody, and then I’ll let you in on one of my secrets.

O lasagna,
O pani puri,
Pet kar gayi khaali meri,
Garam medu vada cheen li,
Haaye khaane ki bechainiyan hai bhari,
Mein baitha hun bhuka,
Bolo samjhayun mein yeh gham kis kis ko,
Khali plate ab tum zara khisko,
Pet mein mere hai bhuk-e-disco.

Ahh, lasagna and pani puri, I’m salivating and being tortured every second I sit typing. But my promise to let you in on my secret binds me here, so I must control my feeling.

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This post is written for The Beautiful Food Contest by Borosil in association with Indiblogger.

PS: The distortion of the above songs’ lyrics has only been done with the motive of entertainment, and is not meant to hurt or harm any sentiments.


  1. This is absolutely creative ! I think one day Sanjay-Leela_banshali will produce a film " Hum Vada De Chuke Sanam " and you'll be hired by them... :-D

  2. Hahaha such a hilariously Amazing post! Nothing ti guess u must be a grt vada fan ;-) awesome awesome post!

    All the best!

    1. I sure am Ma'am :D :)
      Thank you for your wishes..!!