Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ransom Roshans


After Suzanne Roshan demanded 400 crores in alimony from Hrithik, there has been a massive uproar in the general public, who have decided to file cases against the Roshans too. One of the cases has attracted the most attention, only due to the reason that it was the first, but also because the person who has filed it has not shown face yet. The exact amount asked to be paid in this case hasn’t been disclosed to the media, but there is speculation that it is somewhere between 5-10 crores.

Kuch Bhi Law Suits, a law firm in Mumbai, has been the front for the unnamed complainant and they have said that the case has been filed for torture and attempt to murder.

“Our client has filed the case because he felt he was tortured when he watched Krrish 3. It was a cheap copy, and it led to a temporary loss of his thinking skills. Our client also felt murderous and suicidal after seeing the movie, about which we have lots of evidence in the form of videos. The movie should have been screened only privately and should have been banned from theaters. In our client’s words, it was a 2 Rs. Film.”
An accurate review of the movie
The Roshans have denied any official comment on the matter, but Rakesh Roshan has said off the record, “This is a very big blow to us. We were just recovering from the thievery Salman did, which made us realize that we aren’t the only ones who can copy. To become alright, we mixed 20 Hollywood movies and we are sure we have got the perfect story for Krrish 6 (because making a movie series in numerical order is too mainstream). We didn’t want to hurt anyone with Krrish 3. The songs were also so melodious and even God, Allah and Bhagwan were used in the lyrics, so that justifies that we didn’t want to hurt anyone. And we did not copy from Hollywood; we were just showcasing our editing copying skills.”
We all know that feel

Nothing was said about the money being paid, but people have been heard saying that this only karma and the Roshans are facing this because of their unethical ways of torturing people through their movies.
PS: This post has only been written for entertainment and is not meant to harm any sentiments.


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