Friday, July 4, 2014

Alia, Maria Aur ACP


There was a massive uproar on social networking sites after Maria Sharapova said she did not know Sachin Tendulkar. In all the friction created by this event, there were many who called Sharapova the Alia Bhatt of Russia. In recent times, Alia Bhatt has been called names too, and tales of her dumbness knowledge have circulated the internet.

To refute people’s claims that Sharapova is as dumb clever as her, Alia has launched a new campaign to solidify her position as the most idiotic knowledgeable Indian. She was shown pictures of famous people and she began denying she knew them; one of them being her own father.

But the clincher for Alia came when she denied knowing Rajnikanth, the God in the south, and the mega movie star. South India is now in pandemonium regarding this, and yet Alia Bhatt continues to not identify famous personnel from India and also around the world.
An example of Alia's smartness
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Alia’s fans went viral late yesterday, and began saying that Alia’s general knowledge is the best, and no Maria can contest her.

One fan said that, “Who is this Maria in comparison to our Alia. Alia is the best, and she has the best brain in the world. If Maria does not know Sachin, the God of Cricket; then Alia doesn’t know Rajnikanth.”

In addition to this, ACP Pradyuman of the CID has said that he can beat anyone including Alia with his knowledge skills. While demonstrating his characteristic right hand thumb rule, he said, “Alia kaun hai? Hai kaun yeh Alia? Aur yeh Maria aur Rajnikanth kaun hai? Mujhe toh daal mein kuch kaala lag raha hai.”

ACP Pradyuman has also been very well known on the social networking circuit for his brainless bright and sharp deductions and inferences, and we are sure that his claim carries some weight too.
Just don't kill me for this logic
There is also speculation that Rahul Gandhi will soon join the race, but the fight to be the dumbest brainiest Indian continues for now between two contenders, ACP Pradyuman and Alia Bhatt.
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PS: This post is not meant to hurt religious, political or cultural sentiments; nor the sentiments of CID fans, tennis and Sharapova fans, and even the fans of Alia Bhatt. Most of all, the sentiments of Rajnikanth Sir and his fans must not be hurt. Do post your thoughts at the bottom of the page.


  1. I'll tell you attention went to just one person here ...RAGA.

  2. Who is this Maria in comparison to our Alia. Alia is the best, and she has the best brain in the world. LOL :D :P

  3. I like Alia..she is awesome !! :-P :-D even ACP Pradyuman can't beat her..

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