Saturday, July 26, 2014


And that was one fine day,
The day we hope to cherish all the way,
The day we denounced the word peer,
And called to each other- brothers, my dear.

The day we stopped, the act of race,
And walked the aisle, with same foot pace,
The day we together, held our heads high,
And with the same tone, let our chants fly.

Together we effaced shrubs and stones,
Paving way for legs cut by thorns,
And when the legs that failed,
Preventing the others’ to continue wade,
Our strong, broad shoulders went to his aid.

Joyous chuckles were heard, with the strong war cries,
As the farthest truth prevailed, over the deepest lies,
Shiny droplets fell to the earth, from the blue sky,
Tears from the clouds, who had become the sun’s ally.

That was the day, when we looked at each other,
And saw just one face, one of a brother.

PS: This is written by Anil Krishnanunni.

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