Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Princess

There I sat, at the table, on my throne awaiting the arrival of my guest, the one I had specially called for my birthday. As the clock ticked, my impatience broke barriers and I fidgeted unceremoniously with the two weapons in my hand, much to the irritation of my compatriots who sat beside me. Highly frustrated, and with mice running in my stomach, I pushed away, and with a loud roar, walked off to my chambers, commanding that my guest be sent directly there.

Almost as soon as I sat down, there was a tap on the door, and she came in. There she was, petite yet grand; her head bowed low, her skin shimmering in the light of my room. The long wait had been deserved for the beauty I was now viewing, so close to me, so near to me, and I was pleased that I had stormed away from the throng, giving me the pleasure of admiring this spectacle alone. My eye caught the waiting maiden, and I told her to leave, and to the waiting lady I said, “Hello my princess”.

She stood unmoved, stationary, as I walked to her, and my fingers trailed across her smooth skin. Decked in more colors than the rainbow could ever dream off, she was the 8th wonder of the world; and the best ever made. The red of the rubies she sported in her ears was combated by the brilliance of the shining yellow of the gold loosely held around her neck, and together they added to the glory of the gentle serenity of her exquisite saffron robe draped around her arms.

There at the top of her head lay the green speck, tiny yet unmistakable. As I neared her, her scent intoxicated me, and a sigh left my mouth. I wished I could dive deep into her, and extract every minute flavor she possessed, slowly and steadily, savoring every mouthful. I took her and walked her across the room, and seated her on the chair, and settled near her on the floor.

My lips slowly trailed across her, taking in each and every rise and fall in her skin, each bump as she melted in me. She was an elegant mix of spice and the sweet, and delicately graced with a unique zing. Her velvety skin was punctuated at places by the ornate silk fabric, which wasn’t as smooth as she was. Flawless was the only word I could have used for her, but it would have been an understatement in the first place.

Later on in the night, I escorted her slowly back to her vehicle, used, but still as spectacular as new. It shone as she did in the white of the night, glittering and gleaming and sparkling. It was an automobile perfect for a princess, and I knew this had to be made by Borosil. With just the right finish, I knew there was no competition for it. Borosil was the only one I could trust when it came to bringing in my love, my princess- my food. Borosil was the only one who lived through all the wars, and the throne games and the fighting; just because it was the best.

As the princess departed, I knew I would not have to wait long to see her, and I knew I could never stay long without her, never; and there was just one reason for it.

With a smile, I said to myself, my voice echoing in the night, “I am hungry, again. And I will always be hungry, till the end of time.”

This has been written for the My Beautiful Food Contest by Borosil in association with Indiblogger. To view the gorgeous vehicles for your succulent food, you can visit their website (