Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

News has just come in that Facebook and other Social Networking sites are going to ban the use of ‘Nahi samjhe toh Pogo dekho’ in posts or even comments. There are rumors that this move has been brought about by the Indian National Congress, after their latest debacle involving their Prime Ministerial candidate, Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi was caught snoozing inside the parliament which was discussing heavily about inflation and price rises. Many have come to his rescue and said that he was not snoozing, but listening deeply with concentration to what was being said.
Credits: Times of India
Rahul Gandhi had later called a press conference to clear all the problems, and this was hijacked by the known hijacker Sonia Gandhi. She said that, “Rahul was listening very intently to every word that was said.”

When this was met with scorn among the press, she changed her statement and said, “It was just a minute nap, and it is not uncommon to do so. Rahul has been working late into the night these days to plan a new manifesto for the next elections. The defeat has changed him, and he now sees videos about how children show acts of bravery and save their village and king from the bad people.”

When questions were asked about these children hailing from Dholakpur, the fictitious town in Chota Bheem, Rahul Gandhi’s face was filled with light and a smile grazed his face. His face moved slightly up and down in an incomprehensible nod, but it was confirmed covered up by Sonia Gandhi when she pushed him off stage.

Later on, an unnamed Congress official said that it was not Rahul Gandhi’s mistake, but it was the mistake of society.

“Rahulji is just trying to take back what is his from Alia Bhatt. She has ruthlessly taken away his title of being the dumbest smartest person in India, and Rahulji just wants his rightful title back. People have been repeatedly telling him to watch Pogo for his nonsensical creative ideas, and he is just following their advice and listening to the public’s views. That is what a leader is- someone who listens to what the citizens tell him to do. And now, they (BJP) are punishing him for doing what they should be doing.”

Right after this came through, Facebook and other Social Networking sites made their decision and released it to the public. The move has been connected correctly with what happened in the parliament, but the Congress has denied any hand in the move.

Meanwhile, Social Networkers have now come up with a new slogan, “RaGa giri”. This has been explained as something to say when someone does a dumb and foolish smart and clever act in front of a whole horde of people i.e. the Social circuit.

PS: This post has been written just for the sake of entertainment and isn’t meant to cause harm to the political, religious and mental sentiments; along with the sentiments of RaGa fans, Pogo Fans and even Chota Bheem fans.


  1. Hmm... Brave... Nice satire...

    Aren't you afraid of any opposition? There might not be any but yet I am afraid to write such stuff... Kudos, hence, to you for this... Found this actually quite funny...

    1. Well, I do always say, that I will be murdered for all this :P
      But no, it is really fun, and that matters more...