Thursday, July 3, 2014

Lying Tennis


Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has made a shocking claim to the whole world that the Wimbledon is fixed. After letting these charges float in midair, he has said that he will fight for Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal, after they were knocked out against not-so-well-known opponents.

After shunning cricket and claiming it was fixed, Kejriwal had shifted his attention to tennis. He was sure that it was a clean game, and there would be no fixing and cheating involved in it. But after seeing Nadal and Murray losing out on the trophy, he changed his mind and said that he wants justice.

“This game must be renamed from lawn tennis to lying tennis. Murray and Nadal were my favorites and I have won so many online tennis games by choosing them, but with others I would always lose. They cannot lose like this, and I’m sure it is a very big racket which has kicked them out. I am also prepared for dharna on this issue and will do it outside Wimbledon stadium too if needed.”

When told that this has happened previously too, he denied comment and then later said, “The past is the past. We must come out of it and live in the present, and this is the present.”

To investigate this case, Kejriwal has also called in the CID team who are already en route to London to solve this case.

Before leaving, ACP Pradyuman was heard saying, “Kejriwal sahab ne ilzaam lagaya hai. Iska matlab samjhe Daya? Iska matlab Wimbledon valon pe aarop hai.”

Meanwhile play has continued in London, and there are many praying in India that the plane carrying the boring brave CID officers crashes so they do not have to put up with more of their comedy crime solving.

Abhijeet responded to this via Twitter where he said, “CID ko maarna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai.”

An hour later, the CID had solved the case, and they released a statement that they had found the racket and broken it. Due to this, Kejriwal is now doing dharna against CID for tricking him and visiting London at his cost.

PS: This post is not meant to hurt and political, sports, religious or even CID fans’ sentiments. This was just written to entertain and to tickle your funny bones.


  1. PUN, OMG :P
    A latest racket : Maria Sharapova doesn't know who Sachin Tendulkar is :P *Russia's Alia Bhatt* :D

    1. Aayesha your idea was converted :P Thanks for it ;)

  2. daya got that right WImbledon walo pe arop hai :P :D
    Nice writeup!!

  3. I feel like you have a vendetta against the ACP now man! :D

    1. Hahah...nothing like that Brendan...just that his antics are very usable to create humor :D